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If you can still remember some few years ago before the back pains; how stable your life was. How you could do several things then, Sleep at ease without pains, make a thousand and one body movements, dance, exercise, sit and stand for long hours.


It was beautiful then, right? But then the horrible lower back pain stole your joy before your own eyes!!


The good news is that you can still grab your beautiful life back….


In a moment, I will explain to you how you can crush back that pain with this Chinese decompression therapy and why it will dissolve your back pains completely. And make sure they never come back..


The lumbar spine, or low back, is a remarkably well-engineered structure of interconnecting bones, joints, nerves, ligaments, and muscles all working together to provide support, strength, and flexibility. However, this complex structure also leaves the low back susceptible to injury and pain.


Most acute low back pain results from injury to the muscles, ligaments, joints, or discs.


If you are like most lower back patients…


you can testify of the intensified and excruciating lower back pains you experience on a daily basis. In some cases, these pains won’t even permit you to sleep at night..


I have seen grown men cry and agonize at night over the pains they feel at their waist/lower waist region…


This was the case of one of our company staff, Mr. Mike. In his own words while having a conversation with him around 11 PM on a certain night, He said…


“Mr. Clinton, I have not seen anything like this, I can’t sleep. If I can see any person that can cure me of this back pain, I don’t mind travelling this night to the meet the person. My wife is complaining because I can’t even perform my bedroom duties since we don’t have a child yet”


About a year later and after much agony, Mr. Mike died. He couldn’t bear the pains. He would have still been alive if we had discovered this THERAPY then!!


Mr. Mike had lots of Money, But couldn’t find a solution to his LOWER BACK PAIN


He went from one physiotherapist & chiropractor to another (Chiropractor is a name for a specialist in body pains). He went for different MRI SCANS at various hospitals. At one time he had to live for 2 months in one native herbal home. In fact, he spent the last few days of his life on pain relievers but they could only do so little.


Remember, he was spending most of his life saving on this. Monthly Hospital appointments can be way much expensive as the cost of a plot of land in certain places in Nigeria.


Maybe your case is not an issue of sleepless nights, it could be that you cannot work erect or that after sitting for long hours, you are unable to stand. In some fellows, the pains radiate even to their legs like in the case of lumbar spondylosis.


I have seen severe cases where you cannot sit down, hence you always need to lie down almost every time.


Now for a moment, pause and ask yourself this question. How much can I pay to have my life back?


You might say 1 million naira. But A million naira might be too small.

Yes!! I said it. Mr. Mike spent over 1 million naira but yet he couldn’t get rid of his pains. Treatments can be so expensive.


But not anymore…


See, the good news is that you can live and enjoy a pain free life again, starting in the next one week you will start experiencing a drastic reduction in pains in your lower back/ Lumbar region.


Lumbar/Lower back pains can come in various forms and each has its own causes and features.


It can come as a result of the following;


✅ Sciatica

✅ Herniated/Bulging discs

✅ Degenerative disc

✅ Lumbar acute/chronic sprain

✅ Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis

✅ Compression fracture in the lumbar region

✅ Low back pain due to physical and/or physiological conditions


Almost every lower back pain falls under these categories. With what I am about to show you, you will not have to worry about lower back pains as all these can be crushed by our Chinese therapy. And you will not need spend your life saving on expensive treatments…or waste away the precious time that you could invest productively on your job or business by running up and down for solutions.


Hi! My name is Clinton.


For the past 5 years, since my friend, Mike died, we have been carrying out extensive researches on the best and economical treatment to help people with similar situation as my friend. All our researches were to no avail. It was early last year before the corona outbreak and compulsory national lockdown In Nigeria that our company discovered this amazing Chinese therapy.


With this Chinese therapy we have been able to help 1600 Nigerians in their lower back pain treatment. This Chinese therapy uses the principle of decompression to relieve every back pains. The therapeutic procedure comes in the form of a back belt. The ancient Chinese used a similar device in a crude style in which they supported the belt with sticks which are tied round the waist. The major difference between the ancient Chinese treatment and this new one is that this one has been scientifically modified using the decompression technology which makes it 80% more effective.


Here is a summary of how the decompression therapy will work to deliver you from every lumbar pain and disease.


It is worthy to note that most of the pains you feel at your lower back is as a result of compression forces and pressures at that region. This appears as if your lumbar bones are being crushed together . But when you tie the therapeutic belt round your waist and pump it with the help of a small manual pump that comes with it, the belt grips firmer to exert maximum traction round your waist region. The lumbar-like teeth design round the belt ensures this is possible. At same time the width of the belt increases from 13cm to 20cm to lift the upper part of your body a bit and to bear the weight/load that the upper part of your body (head, chest etc.) exerts on the lower back. This action stretches the lumbar spines and relieves the lumbar/lower back of all pains. This is what we term the decompression action.


The overall effect is that the lumbar bones become more relaxed and spaced out. This gives you an instant relief from pains moreover, since these bones are spaced out now, it creates more room for easy passage of water, oxygen, and nutrients which the degenerative discs require for faster healing to be able to permeate the bones and initiate the Healing process . It also permits herniated and bulging discs to return to their normal position and condition.



According to DR. Cliff, An Expert chiropractor in the U.S, while talking about this procedure, he said..


“In my 25 years of practice, this is the single most effective and affordable therapy for the treatment of lower back pains. I am afraid that this singular discovery might threaten the jobs of people in my profession”



Listen to what Mr. Tosin, A senior physiotherapist in Lagos said about this therapy..

“I have been treating patients with waist and back pains for 8 years now. But never have I seen patients with such complicated cases recover so fast. I introduced the two of my patients with complicated cases of back pain to this therapeutic belt after all the earlier treatment I provided to them failed to work. Within a few weeks these two patients have been making miraculous improvements. Their recovery speed looks magical”


And Doctors aren’t the only ones who have employed the use of this therapeutic belt to eradicate lower back pains.


Mr sanni, from Kaduna sent us an sms message last year July, he said…


“Thank you, Mr. Clinton. May God bless you so much. You will never see shame in life. The belt that I was telling you that you will refund me for if it doesn’t work for my wife has been a life saver. My wife is recovering very fast. For the first time after child birth, she can sleep peacefully at night. I was shedding tears of joy as I watched her sleep. Thank you so much sir”


When you try this Chinese therapeutic belt, you will not just knock out all lower back pains, It will also speed up the healing rate of the affected lumbar bones within a few weeks. For cases like, herniated and bulging discs, it will realign the lumbar discs to their original position.


Meaning you will not have to worry about the back pains anymore, you will be able sit, stand and walk like a soldier without the holding onto things and people. You will also be able to sleep like a new born baby sleeps in his little bed without worries. This means you will also be able to enjoy and play around with your kids at ease.


So you have a soothing hour of relaxation and rejuvenation. From the moment you wear and pump the belt, you’ll feel a deep sense of muscle warmth and loosening, and you’ll feel proud of yourself for doing something healthy and positive for yourself, which is something you deserve anyway, right?”


And every day, you will be able exercise like a pro, bend swiftly, sit gracefully, walk erect, twist at ease and even lift heavy objects again without needing help from people. This will mean a total new level of relaxation, freedom, comfort and a sense of fulfilment for you.


In the words of a patient, Mrs. Uju who used this therapy some time ago. She said…

“the relief the belt gives will make you feel like you are in paradise watching the angels and every good thing of nature, birds and trees while sipping a cup of tea”


And that’s why I’m excited to introduce this our

Chinese therapeutic belt

to you



To finally have that youthful and pain free life you wanted where you can do anything you want. Let me tell you everything you get with it and everything it’ll do for you. the product is covered by a 30 days risk-free money-back guarantee. You are either over satisfied with the product, or you can call us and get a complete refund.


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Every day that goes by, it either that you are treating this lower back pain or the pain is getting more excruciating and eating up your bones, there could be a point in time when no treatment in the universe will work for you, no matter how rich you are. At the worst case, it can lead to permanent paralysis. You will not be able to walk, work for a living or even perform your bedroom duties. But that won’t be your portion.


Plus by getting our Chinese therapeutic belt, you don’t need to keep suffering this lower back pains you have been going through for a long time now.


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You won’t appear pitiful in the eyes of friends and family anymore. You won’t be a concern. You will be so proud of yourself for the new fulfilment because the result you are about to experience soon in your lower back region will be similar to how you feel when you pour cold water on your body on a hot afternoon.



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